Health of body. Performance of mind. Flow of work.


Identifying and preventing the symptoms of living and working inside an unhealthy or unproductive space.


Improving productivity and mind related activities by micro-managing the elements of the built environment.


Restoring attention and improved cognitive processes by giving the workplace a biophilic component.

Trend & tech

Applying trends and technologies that best support body and mind activities.

  • Beyond the physical benefits of biophilic design, the importance it has in reshaping brain activity and human body biology must become an important part when building a human designated workspace. In this case, productivity is a direct result of a series of actions and key objects, perfectly aligned with the mind-body’s needs and preferences.
    From healthcare to productivity
  • The enhancements of the components and their interaction with human workers, for example, add market value for the building. Realters can see an increase not only in the price tag of the construction but also in the number of requests for this type of spaces.
    Adding market value
  • When it comes to focus on human resources, the values of a particular brand can include biophilic design principles. Thus, the company benefits from its values, being aligned with trends and a new way of thinking and designing workspaces.
    Branding benefits
  • Entire industries can benefit from a more productive environment by setting in motion resources already available. The paradigm of the workspace can thus trully reflect that of a productive human-being, in tune with its sorroundings.
    A new paradigm
  • The multiple benefits of biophilic design can already be identified as the result of the market focus from building structures to building human spaces.
August 21, 2017

Supporter of SCHOOL+HOSPITAL 2017

Haustarter will be exhibiting at SCHOOL+HOSPITAL 2017, BUCHAREST INTERNATIONAL FORUMS 2017. The event integrates two international events dedicated to high quality educational and healthcare environments,

August 21, 2017

Launching Biophilic Today

Created to promote biophilic design, Biophilic Today is a platform for sharing and showcasing best practices in this new field, architectural examples and projects and

August 21, 2017

Showcase at Building Health Bucharest International Forum 2016

Haustarter was present at Building Health Bucharest International Forum 2016, were we exhibited the concept of Biophilic Design and discussed its benefits, market ascent and