Health of body. Performance of mind. Flow of work.

Productive offices for productive people.

Improve your workspace

Create the blueprint of your mind and body’s health


Identifying and preventing the symptoms of living and working inside an unhealthy or unproductive workspace.


Improving productivity and mind related activities by micro-managing the elements of the built environment.


Restoring attention and improved cognitive processes by giving the workplace a biophilic component.

Trend & tech

Applying trends and technologies that best support body and mind activities.

Our focus

In the analysis of the built environment we focus on prevention of direct and side-effects of the built elements, improved levels of performance and the development of personalized services.

Sick Building Syndrome

Preventing and reducing possible negative interactions with the built environment by monitoring the symptoms of the Sick Building Syndrome, that can lead to low productivity, absenteeism or a higher number of sick-leave days.

Attention Restoration

Improving attention by personalizing the environment based on specific tasks and activities, coupled with biophilic design principles and elements, that lead to increased cognitive functions and improved directed attentions.


Constant monitoring of productivity factors, activities and interactions within the workspace, and reconfiguring the work parameters based on existing properties or values of the built elements, developing a more efficient and productive ambient.

Take control of your environment

Each element you interact with has a potential impact. Positive or negative.

With the control of your workspace’s built and natural elements, you can create the most suitable environment needed at any given time.


Proper use of natural lighting in a built environment has lowered fatigue, reduced eyestrain, and enhanced mood.


High humidity can have an adverse effect on the human body: dehydration, fatigue, muscle cramps, heat exhaustion,hainting or heat stroke.


An effective indoor ventilation system coupled with natural ventilation can reduce sick leave days by 35% in office building.


Effects of heat and cold exposure can vary from decreased physical and cognitive performance to cardiovascular diseases.


Indoor and outdoor sounds and noise can affect the perception of normal levels of conversation, or can lead to elevated stress levels.


The type of the used scenery can develop the sence of security, increase the levels of productivity, creativity or alertness.

Productive offices for productive people.