Haustarter is a responsive approach in developing
human-spaces interaction.

Haustarter is the first company in Romania, specialized in health and productivity of the people working in office spaces.

Health of body.

A study from the European Comision shows that 90% of time is spent indoors, environment that can be twice as harmful. Missing air standards or the constant monitoring of potential harmful effects can lead to a drastic reduction of the general health of the occupants. Simptoms, side-effects and direct effects of the built spaces create a chain reaction, affecting health for prolongued periods of time, with the aparition of allergies and diseases.

For example, it is estimated that over 20% of population suffers from asthma, a direct result of poor indoor air ventilation. Thus, the Haustarter strategy proposes improvements that can effectively remove these negative effects.


Performance of mind.

The ancients have correctly stated that a healthy mind depends on a healthy body. The brain processes directly related to productivity and performance, like cognitive functions or the volume of directed attention towards specific tasks, are processes that can benefit from improvements from the overral physic health, or by managing the resources with which the occupants interact.

Coordination, critical thinking, curiosity, creativity, peace of mind and general good health are some of the direct effects of this type of management, or, for example, of places and natural ambient situated inside or near built spaces. (“The Biophilia Hypothesis”, Kellert. S.R.; Wilson, E.O.; 1995)


Flow of work.

Productivity is directly connected to human actions and the objects interacting with these, actions aligned to the needs and preferences of the mind-body. If a proper indoor ventilation can improve the general health of the occupants, natural ventilation can reduce the number of medical days with as much as 35% and boost productivity up to 18%.

Thus, a careful examination of the interaction with the built and the natural elements can be quantified in benefits and improvements on human resource levels.